grab object makes play sound

Ok so im trying to make a simple VR blueprint that should play sound when i grab an object and then stop it when i detach the object. this is what i have so far and its not working. i made it work with event actorbeginoverlap but i dont want it that way, i want the sound to be played/stopped only when the object is attached and detached to motion controller.
what is wrong with my bp?
thanks and have a nice day

it looks ok. can you set a breakpoint on the play node and have a look if this fires? or add a printString after Play

Hello adnoh thanks for your time, I added a string connected to the play node and nothing is printed also after I grab the radio the music is not played, it is played if I use acoterbeginoverlapping method but that is not what I’m looking to achieve

What is triggering the custom events?

It depends on the object. Can the player walk away with the object? Is it a simple lift/put down object?

If the latter - you could trigger sound when detecting the objects position has changed.

Or you could set a bool. When the object is picked up - cast to the object that’s been picked up and set “isPickedUp” to true.

Set it to false when dropped to stop playing the sound.

Or you can use just “OnComponentBeginverlap” and connect it with “Play Sound At Location”…