Grab AI

So I just started using Unreal Engine. And I wanted to make a game similar to SUPERHOT . The same fast paced typo of game. So my key mechanic will be grabbing an enemy using some kind of kinetics powers and smash it into the ground. I followed a tutorial on how to grab objects so the key element is almost done I just need to improve some things there. But I was wondering how could I make a damage system when I grab an AI and smash in into the ground how could I make the damage be dealt on the force applied to the AI when smashing it. If anyone could redirect me to some similar tutorials for this idea or help me make it I would really appreciate it.

Also how can I grab an AI . I’ve tried modifying some stuff but I can only grab static objects not AIs.

The AI is just the 3rd person template with an BT and BB that follows the player atm.

I’ve tried many ways , can’t get it to work.

Anyone knows how can I make make this?

Well is it a VR project?

Crysis Style:
if not here is what i would try to do, like you said there are many resources online about grabbing Objects from physics handle to constraints but we are talking about a Character BP and a game played with Keyboard and mouse (Non VR for simplicity sake) you can add an Input for grabbing Enemies and try to implement an Event inside the enemy BP of which fires the grab function.

You may want to set condition about when the enemy character should be allowed to grab (maybe in stealth only) or Just when the distance of the player with Enemy BP if we are close to enemy BP we can Press Grab Button.

Once the Grab event fires you want to cast to Enemy BP to adjust some values (Make him non hostile, he can’t move etc just cut off the AI). after that you will attach it to your Character ,actor to actor or Component to component. there you can specify the bone or socket. after that just make the AI play animation like he is trying to get loose and make Player play animation of grabbing the AI by Neck.

Deal Damage:
To deal damage you can check the velocity of the character that will be thrown if that velocity exceeds a threshold once it hits than deal damage. you can turn ragdolls on or Physical Animations as cherry on top to make it all look good.
and to make the animations just snap in and move correctly to right position you can use IK’s UE4 has some pretty good IK solutions out of box.

if you are looking for something like gang beasts it is done through procedural and physical animations.

Hello , thanks fo taking the time to respond. I am not looking to get like a “grab by the neck” type of animation.

I am just trying to make an AI levitate at the crosshair position.

Then I’ll just make a simple check if he is levitating then he is touching the ground he will die just to prototype the basic concept.

Since the AI will be made out of glass I will just spawn a shatter particles or something like that.

But I can’t get the AI to levitate.

I am using the First Person template and a Ray that casts from the crosshair and a physics handle component which justs grabs the component world location and when I click it changes it to the crosshair location + 1000 so it’s not in my face it looks like he is levitating.