Grab actor and teleport only with trigger button?

Hi, I am working on a virtual reality unreal project and using the starter content motion controller blueprint, i want to handle teleport and grab actor only with trigger button, please suggest me a solution.

And sorry for English…

Hi GameRockz

There are two ways you can do this fairly easily.

  1. Change the Input Action Mappings in your project settings.
    Input Action Mappings allow a custom event to bound to a series of inputs. In the VR project, these action mappings are already set up, you can just change them.
    From the level viewport, go to Settings → Project Settings → Inputs. From there you can configure the different action mappings or even make your own. If you make your own, then you will have to alter the events on the blueprint which calls the functionality, which I will go through next.

  1. The other way is to modify the events which call the functionality themselves. Since you are using teleport functionality, I am assuming your game is using the MotionControllerPawn. Open up the pawn and look at the event graph. The template has comments around the code so it should be simple to find where this functionality is called.
    By default, the grab functionality is called by “InputAction GrabLeft” you can replace this with an input action of your own, or make a direct call to the Motion Controller Trigger event, which is called “MotionController (L) Trigger”.

Hope this helps. Good luck :slight_smile: