Well i am thinking of investing in the new 3200 AUD RTX 3090 gpu

Best get a CPU and RAM that can handle it. I’ve seen headlines about crashing issues with the new 3000 RTX GPUs, and those perhaps not being as reliable as the 2000-level RTXs. Something to check into, I would think. I’m not trying to critique the 3000s.

The 3000’s are for n00bs. I prefer the 3dfx Voodoo1.

Reasons i chosen RTX 3090 is i ask some one on the Blender community, is i was only trying to find out for the UE5, which will be coming soon, so they put me on to the RTX 3090, and the AMDs 3960X CPU to match my DESIGNAIR sTRX40 which i do own, i already own 128Gigs of RAM 3200 speed, and a 1200w power supply as well.

If you have the money, then go for it. Just remember though, if you’re a game developer you need to keep in mind the hardware that people will be playing your game on, if your system is really beefy then you can’t make your game require that much power.