GPU Visualizer - Reference guide needed


I’m trying to optimize my level with the help of the awesome GPU Visualizer, however, I am not familiar with many of the terms in the window. I can’t find any documentation on the window.

If none exists, I primarily want to know what a couple of specific entries are:

From lighting: ShadowDepthsfromOpaque

From Scene/BasePass : StaticMaskedNoLightmap


No documentation for those yet, sorry. Really those are all programmer oriented profiling events that are now exposed to content creators through the gpu visualizer. We need to document them and add links to the assets they reference.

ShadowDepthsFromOpaque - this group is measuring the time to render meshes from the light’s point of view for the purposes of shadowmaps. Usually you have to look a few markers up to see what type of light and what type of shadow. For example ‘wholescenesplit 1’ is the first cascade of cascaded shadow maps, that’s a directional light. Cost in this marker will be mostly due to instanced triangle count, esp of skeletal meshes.

StaticMaskedNoLightmap - this is rendering the base pass for masked materials. Use the shader complexity viewmode to visualize pixel cost here, which is usually the bottleneck. The pixels that are killed in a masked material still get fully shaded so you want to setup the geometry to cut out those areas where possible.


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Just wanted to say documentation would be really useful on the broad catagories.

It’d be great if the profiler could also break down into objects in the scene. So that something like StaticOpaqueLightmapped could break down into a count for the objects in the scene and render costs. Perhaps as an in-depth profile?

Agreed on the documentation. You can get a breakdown if you enter ‘SHOWMATERIALDRAWEVENTS’ on the console before doing ‘profilegpu’. Be warned though, lots of small draw events adds a lot of overhead to the overall timings, which is why it’s not on by default. The ideal is probably something that you can interactively navigate and get more details as you expand the hierarchy.

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