GPU utilization crashing UE on an empty scene


I recently installed UE again… 4.25. Upon project creation templates I saw there is realtime raytracing and tried it but there were huge fps drops while i was pointing towards my geometries. However when I stopped it I started crashing withOut of video memory trying to allocate a texture…

Upon inspection i task manager I saw that on an empty scene with raytracing off I get 60-70% utilization, however no GPU memory usage (and yes UE is on my main GPU). Played around with different settings and realised that realtime enabled fixes that utilization problem (but GPU too weak for that).

I have DX12. Tried increasing page file as a potential fix others had used over the years but with no effect.Limiting FPS also does nothing

When I used it before I never had problems with GPU even with big, populated scenes

Any ideas?