GPU upgrade - Need tips

Hello, I need some tips on what GPU I should buy. Its been 5 years since I upgraded my GPU.
Current is Asus ROG GTX 690. New technology has come and its about time to do a upgrade :slight_smile:
I dont develope games with UnrealEngine, only using it for simulations and running the demos
which is pretty heavy hardware demanding.

The brand must be a NVIDIA card as most of the
technology is based on NVIDIA things (read GameWorks). Budget is around $400. I cant afford
the 1080, so Im hoping to get some tips on whats the best performance I can get for $400.

If your budget is $400 then you can still get the GTX 1070

Yeah, the 1070 is good value!
For under $400, you can get a plain one:
Or even a “mini” one:
(The mini one is less than $400 even with sales tax, which probably helps :slight_smile:

Which one of the 1070 has the best performance on 3D compiling then? Is there any benchmarks for UE4 somewhere? Also, What about temperature? I got 9 fans and a watercooled CPU.

You’re not going to find a good comparison between brands of the same model, the differences will be minor.

So it dosent matter what 1070 I buy? Ill want atleast 6GB ram. The rest of my currrent specs is:

*****Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3
*****i7 2600K @ 3.4GHZ
*****8GB ram @ 1600GHZ

Be sure you check the reviews on Amazon, I was going to pick one up a while back but people were complaining about some cheap part that was causing some issues (A couple mentioned components in their tower being fried as a result). I think it was in the EVGA version, but don’t recall exactly.

Yes, I read about EVGA case. They should have fixed it by now, so I think its safe. I dont have any experience with EVGA, so Ill go for something else.

I found one 1070 with 8GB + some other tech for $500. Thats the only 1070 I found where I use to buy hardware. If thats the case, Im willing to go up an extra $100. Its the GeForce GTX 1070 Dual OC.

Ill go for this one :slight_smile:
(Sorry for Norwegian text, is like Norways response to Amazon)

If you trust the store, and are prepared to pay a little extra, then going with that version seems fine.

I’ve only ever used EVGA and personally love their cards. They also include Precision X which is very useful for monitoring temps/fan speed and creating your own profiles. I’ll probably wait a little bit myself until they sort out that particular issue. =P

I just have to be clear. Do I “save money” to buy something thats really futureproof like the 1070 and have better performance, rather than buying something, just to upgrade from a old card?