GPU temp to 83°C in play / standalone game mode

Hello everyone,

First post here, i’m using houdini as a main 3d package.

So i’m in the very first tutorial about Unreal, (unreal : the first hour),
and i clicked the PLAY menu and selected Standalone Game. (Nothing modified in the third person examplemap).

After a few seconds the GPU temp get to 83-84 °C is that a normal behaviour ?
i mention that at iddle i get to 30°C which is a normal temp.
GPU is not dedicated to Unreal so it’s the same as the one for the computer : Titan X (nvidia)

(i’ve recently re-thermalpasted this GC and i’m not a gamer so i don’t know if this is normal or not).

Thanks a lot for your answer, and take care / ++

Temperature has little to do with UE4, specifically. While 84C is still “safe”, it’s on the higher end. Often the stock settings will have the fan settings so that the GPU fan is quiet, at the sacrifice of temperature. Temperature is relative to GPU usage, GPU clock/voltage, and GPU fan speed/curve. You can increase the fan speed/curve or lower the power settings to easily lower the temperature. Also have to take into account the computer case’s airflow and the room’s ambient temperature. You’ll need to look at your Nvidia gpu software to find the settings or google for a guide.

Another thing you can do is set the UE4 editor to cap the framerate which will reduce the GPU usage and therefore the temperature. I have my GPU set so that it doesn’t go over 48C by reducing clock/voltage, higher fan speed curve, and capping my UE4 projects to 60 FPS. A safe long term temperature without crazy high fan speeds, for your GPU would probably be in the 60-70C range. I set my temp lower because the card is 7 years old and had failed solder joints twice.