GPU Technology Conference 2014: TITAN Z Rendering Demos (part 6) GTC

Hi Peoples,

i know i posting it in an Developer Forum of UT4 Engine,
and i whant to become UT4 the best what can get, this is the reason,
why i posting this , what i have found in YouTube :

have fun for looking on :slight_smile:

and don’t forget, UT99 was 10 Years before, we have now just more possible and
don’t forget, what have we in 10 Years for Computers, so, why not n’ bit
developing for in 1-2 Years :slight_smile:

i hope we become an better water, if the player steps in the water and
an better smoke and something … i am looking forward what’s all comes :slight_smile:
and i let me surprise with the UT4.X

best regards to the Developers of UT Engine :slight_smile:

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This is an old demo now. I am sure everyone has seen it, it’s VERY far away from being available in UE4. Simply because:

  1. It is not cross platform and relies on high end NVidia GPU which barely anyone has
  2. It’s very FPS expensive and not at all friendly
  3. It wouldn’t work in large quantities unless you pre-render, which defeats the purpose
  4. Epic games will never remove half of their playerbase (AMD, Intel users) by choosing a high end NVidia option

Water is in the works apparently, I hope a plugin or something better comes out.
Smoke, particle effects look great compared to other engines, and you can always make custom ones, have a look at the demo content.

What do you mean by UT, that is unreal tournament. This is Unreal Engine. Maybe wrong forum?

EpicGames is working on a lot of things including cascade 2 etc,

nope, Unreal Engine, prescribed …

na’ then let’s see … :slight_smile:

best regards