GPU stops outputting an image / displays stops receiving an input

I am wondering if anyone can help me but I am running UE5 on a WIN11 machine with a 3090ti GPU, using the latest graphics drivers but in one particular UE project my monitors will all of sudden go black and then display the no input message. Windows is still running and responsive but is clearly not receiving a visual input/output from the GPU. No warning messages, just black. Any thoughts on how I can resolve/debug this?

Hi @Footers

It sounds like your project is trying to output at either a resolution or refresh rate thats not supported by your monitor(s)

Try settong the project to a default size . Ie your standard windows settings and a basic 60hz see if that helps

Thanks for your reply but I have been running this project for quite some time (started in 4.25 and has been in 5.0 for several months) no problem. The instability problem started after we imported a bunce of complex materials, material functions, material parameter collectors and blueprint files we developed a couple of years ago in 4.25 for another project. They are clearly quite GPU intensive, which is why I believe we are seeing this instability. No project settings have changed as such. Also, I am running 3 monitors all at different refresh rates and resolutions and yet all 3 lose signal at the same time, which points to a GPU output failure.