GPU runs SUPER hot on simple scenes, is this unusual? (RTX 3090)

When I open even the most basic scene—default “time of day”—and leave the window open for 10 min or so, my GPU will begin to run incredibly high and hot, even while I’m not working in the scene at all.

My specs are decent so it surprises me that my machine seems to be having trouble with even the most basic of basic scenes—am I overlooking some basic optimizations somewhere? Should I even have to optimize with such a beefy GPU? Any help is appreciated.

Ryzen 9 3900X
RTX 3090 FE
128 GB RAM

My simple UE5 scene
GPU performance

The dip at the end of the performance curve is when I finally switched windows to take a screenshot of task manager.

Thanks again.

Try this, it should help.
Open the console with the ` key and type r.VSyncEditor 1
This will sync the rendering with your monitors refresh rate, say 60 fps. Without this sync the gpu will try to render as many frames per second as it can and stick close to 100% usage. You can also turn off the realtime update using the viewport options menu (arrow at top-left - show fps is here too.)
Am talking about UE4 here but I expect UE5 is the same.


Thank you! That’s a great tip. I’m actually just capping it at 30FPS using t.MaxFPS 30 since I’m using it mostly for linear film sequences and it’s running much cooler now. I appreciate the help!