GPU problem

Hello everyone, I am coming to you because I am having graphics problems with my computer.

I bought a Razer blade advanced 2020, the bigger one with the 4k screen, rtx 2080 etc.

On paper, it seems to be the best computer I have had in my life, the problem is that graphically, I only have problems with it.

I am coming to you because unfortunately I have not found help elsewhere and razer seems to be incompetent to find a solution other than a total reinstallation of the computer.

I have big framerate drops in all games. In the use of unreal engine too, in the use of blender too (by doing simple navigation or basic modeling …)

After spending a lot of time analyzing the computer, resource usage, and using unreal engine’s output log, I think I’ve got my hands on the problem. It would seem that for the majority of the graphics use, my computer uses the Intel UHD graphic at the same time as the GPU. In an unreal engine, for example, when I have framerate drops, the UHD gets saturated at 100% while my GPU is only 30% In the output log, the software says to run on UHD.

So I reviewed all my drivers, everything is ok, windows too. I used the Nvidia panel to force the use of the GPU for absolutely everything and I manually went to choose my software like UE4 and Blender to run them on the GPU. I also used the dedicated windows window for this. But nothing changes, after analysis, UHD is still used in addition to the GPU and it is always UHD which is found saturated when the computer starts to lag. I have never seen my GPU be more than 50% used no matter what I throw.

Honestly, I have no idea why both are being used at the same time, nor why I can’t seem to force GPU only use. The only thing I managed to do was force the GPU to be used once when rendering on Blender.

Sincerely, I hope that one of you can give me some food for thought, because I am at the end of the line. I can’t do anything without waiting a long time, I never had to show so much patience to work on 3D when I had a much less powerful computer before, it’s completely absurd having spent more than 4000th to, to hope, to be at ease. A shame.

I also know that you are not a razer, we are here on a UE4 forum, but I managed to find the problem by going through an unreal engine, I mainly have concerns about my 3D UE4 / Blender work and I 'imagine that there are people here who know so well, maybe more than the incredible after-sales service razer * cough cough * Let’s move on …

Best regards and thank you for your time !

You can disable the integrated GPU:

Or kill it in the BIOS.

On my Surface Book 2, it has Intel® HD Graphics 620 and an Nvidia 1060. In the Nvidia control panel, you can set which GPU to use on a per-application basis. Have a look around to see if its enabled on your razer.

I’ll check this, but i try to desactivate the UHD with the peripheral manager and unreal engine start with the windows driver graphic ? So strange.

All my graphic is bad, i mean, if i use windows, all graphic lag, and if i check my performance, my GPU is not used (0%)

And if launch unreal engine, i have like 1fps ?

It’s what i say, the panel nvidia change nothing i dont know why…