GPU low fps

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We writing to you because of some problems with video processors. For example Adreno and PowerVR gets very easy with our project – at least 30 fps, even old model phones, while on – 5 fps at the limit even on hi-end devices.
There is a list of devices we were tested our project:

VIDEO [ vs Adreno][1]

Could you, please, explain the reason such big difference in efficiency?


and Adreno GPUs are manufactured by different companies. They do differ in their clock speeds, architecture, the number of cores, etc. I tested a few different devices and used the first person template, and didn’t notice a dramatic change in FPS like you did on your devices.

It may be your devices you’re using. But here are some documentation links that may be useful for you:

  • [Mobile Game Development][1]
  • [Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices][2]

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General Mobile Development for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation
[2]: Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

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I studied all the available information about Mobile Development and Performance a year ago, but didn’t find the answer to my question. Could there be a problem in the optimization UE4 for the GPU?

I didn’t see any major issues in about the GPU.

What method of packaging are you using for your devices? Have you tried different methods? Provide additional information so I can dig deeper into this issue.


Additional information about our project:

  1. BP only (Paper 2D)
  2. Use ETC1 packaging for all Android devices
  3. Based on Tappy Chicken example

Please, I ask you to take care about this question, because the half of the Android devices have Mail GPU. Note, that the most of tested devices with Mail GPU more powerful in several times, than Nexus 4 and were released much more later.

But FPS is critically low, you can see that in the video below

Thank you for providing me with this information. I appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay in response. I became quite ill last week and it had put me behind on work.

Are the phones in the list provided the ones that you are using? And if so, are the 5 in red, the ones with the low FPS?

Do you have a sample project that you can provide me, where you’re seeing low FPS? If so, could you also include the FPS ranges on each of the devices so I can try and match the devices up with what we have here?

Or I can test with Tappy Chicken, not a big deal.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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In the last column we showed FPS in our project on the different devices.
Yes, all devices, showed in the table, are using by us and our friends.
With a probability of 99% we discovered, that the problem of such big difference in fps - is transparency.
We took 2D Sidescroller Example and put 50 translucent sprites in it.
In that case on the deices with videoprocessors FPS is holding on 5-7, Adreno and PowerVR managing wit it very easily - 45-50 on Nexus 4.

There are links on [APK][1] and screenshots below.

P.S. There will be 5-7 FPS on any device with GPU.
P.P.S. To understand the importance of solving this problem i attached the popularity statistics of using GPU in devices.

So I tested on a (version 6.0.1) which is an Adreno and on a + (version 5.1.1) which is a . Both of the devices with transparency enabled as displayed above has FPS of approximately 60. I could not find a device that had any of the lower devices that you listed above. What version of Android are your devices on?

When you stated that you were able to verify that it’s a transparency issue, were you able to replicate this in a new project or just your project?

Note: Transparency is an expensive option to use for your materials. You may want to go about this a different way if it’s causing trouble with your devices.


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You tested this project? [APK][1]


I tested the project that you provided me on the and the + (). The had FPS of 60 and the started out at 47 FPS and when I jumped with the character, it shot up to 60 FPS and stayed at that rate.