GPU Issue with Engine


After updating Engine to 4.18 (from 4.16) I am getting a GPU issue with the engine. I am only opening two (2) different projects (same content, just different names) and then this error shows and closes all my UE4 Editors. This didnt happen in 4.16. I tested in 4.17 and also happens.

My PC:
GTX 1070
SDD 500gb Intel
GPU i5-6600K
Monitor 4k

What could cause this? I restarted pc with NOTHING opened and boom, this happens… I dont think its the GPU either though, since I’ve played enough games with high settings on 4k without any issue and I doubt I cant open 2 unreal engine projects at the same time… with have NOTHING inside, actually were 2 TopDownView from scratch…

See picture attached/link: