GPU Crashes While in Editor

Build Version: 4.19.2-4033788 from Unreal Launcher

Recently I have been experiencing my GPU crashing while working in the editor. The only thing I can link the crashes together with is the camera. It seems to always crash when I’m adjusting my viewport camera. For example, selecting a new view such as perspective/top, or scrolling my camera away from an object. There have also been cases where I’m simply moving or copying an FBX and it will crash.

The editor will freeze for about 10 seconds, then my screen will go black for a few more seconds. Anything my GPU was running (modeling software etc.) will crash as well.

I have already stress tested my GPU (as well as my CPU and memory) with the software AIDA64, and I found no issues. I also loaded up The Witcher 3 on ultra settings and ran it without any issue.

Things I’ve Tried: Updating GPU drivers, reinstalling the project (Perforce server), and testing GPU with other games/software.

Attached Files: DxDiag, Crash Log, and .DMP

This was fixed by re-installing the Unreal Engine.