GPU Crashed or D3D Device Removed (UE5)

Hope someone can help me out here. I have just installed the Unreal Engine 5.0.1 version. Everything went well with the installation. The problem I am having now is when I try to create a new project and save it, I get the error message below.
"GPU crashed or D3D Devise Removed.

Use -d3ddebug to enable the D3D debug device.
Check log for GPU state information."

I have no idea what to do to fix this problem and I cannot do anything about it.
I will greatly appreciate your help

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Yeah I know exactly how you feel. I’m having the same issue too. And I don’t know what to do either :pensive::pensive:

In general, when this happens, it is because of a system-related issue, like:

  • bad or corrupted graphics driver
  • bad RAM
  • bad PCI Express bus
  • bad motherboard
  • bad BIOS
  • bad or corrupted hard disk

In my system, it happens when the graphics card is in slot 1, but works just fine when it is in any other slot. The conclusion is: Slot 1 has some design problem or micro-crack or similar.
I’ve seen other people have it fixed with a BIOS upgrade, or new graphics drivers.

It’s a really annoying problem to track down, because it’s so diffuse, and so many thing that are hard to examine can contribute to the problem.
In general, the fact that “it happens in Unreal Engine but no other program” doesn’t actually mean that it’s because of Unreal Engine, just that UE happens to push whatever the specific problem is a little harder. I didn’t start moving the card around until one other program had that same problem once – then I knew it wasn’t just an UE problem.


I tried a lot, but found that undervolting fixes this issue not only for UE, but for games too