GPU Crashed or D3D Device Removed Error comes in when I started to use megascans grass clumps model (Even when I enabled nanite on them)

I have a question that I need help on. So when I was creating to build an forest landscape, I started to add some paint foliage to paint some grass clumps from megascans that I used. And everytime when I add the grass nanite foliage, I start to get d3d device removed error crashes so many times using the megascans grass plants. Even when I enabled nanite to fix the problem. But it’s still not working. Is there anyway that I can fix this issue to prevent having the grass nanite foliage not to crash everytime when I use it on the 5.1.1 editor?

Thats likely your GFX or your drivers.
Check related topics for various possible solutions.

Either way its Hardware related.
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I have rtx 3060 ti
And 16 ram. Nothing wrong with my driver
And I think it’s textures resolution that might be the problem. Because the texture on grass clumps from megascans is 2k resolution

Again, it’s your hardware. Not the engine.

Definitely has nothing to do with texture resolution: Preventing a crash is precisely why a texture pool exists and prevents going over budget, even if you had made it infinite and overloaded it, the engine would not crash with d3d device lost.

hey listen, I’m sorry. I’m just stressed and frustrated. It just felt like I can’t even fix this issue. Like the framerate is still running 60fps perfectly fine. But you might be right. Since if it is that. Then I don’t know what else to do. I just gotten a new gaming pc with rtx 3060 ti from last year. And I was hoping to able to archive that I always wanted to do for so long. And now It’s like I’m stuck with the same old drawing board :pensive:. So yeah, I don’t know what else to do, of whatever can make this better in someway of it

Best bet is to replace/return/rma the gfx.
Chanches are it is just defective.

If you can afford it a 3080 or above would be ideal for development.