GOW Style Destructible Cover with Meshes

Hey, been utilizing destructible meshes.

Was wondering if there was a way to make destructible cover where specific pieces break off when shot similar to UDK?


Hey Mangopork,

If you just need the DMs to stick together when damaged you just need to make sure that you have a support depth of 1. This will only break free chunks when they’ve received enough damage to do so.

If you’re finding that you’re pieces are breaking free too easily you’ll want to adjust some or all of the following settings: Damage Threshold, Damage Spread, Impact Damage, and Default Impact Damage Depth.

Also supplementing particle effects when hit or when chunks are destroyed is a good idea to add to the visual fidelity of your destructible meshes.

If you’re having trouble getting a particular look and feel post any questions and video demonstrations here for reference and I’ll help when I can. :slight_smile:

Thank you !

I’m using a single wall (stretched from cube), about player height. BSP converted to static mesh.

So far so good.

Only issue now is my mesh keeps physics-wobbling. The chunks are falling off when shot at and looking good thus far but the mesh as a whole (in this case, a player-height small wall for cover) wobbles and falls over when shot often enough. It has some weight but eventually tips over.

I’ve adjusted physics properties, mass, changed physics material, set support chunks & resized but it still wobbles and falls over if its hit often enough. Need it to stay in place while the chunks get shot off.

You’ll need to enable the flag for “World Support” as well.

Forgot to mention that one earlier! :slight_smile:


Next: I noticed “crumble” flag does not seem to render at all.
Also, how do you make the chunks fly off faster? They do well now but I want them to shoot off on occasion. Additionally, Is there any correlation between this and the assault rifle’s weapon settings?

I’m almost there!

When using the “Crumble Smallest Chunks” any chunks that receive a large enough damaging force will be destroyed instantly.

To get chunks to fly off fast you will need to adjust the “Fracture Impulse Scale.” Test high values and pull them down to a range that is more acceptable. This parameter will give an extra “push” along the normal of the fracture to better separate these chunks.

For the weapon, if you set the Damage Threshold in your DM to a value that is representative of what you want then you can set your weapons to whatever the base damage amount that you need to apply.

All you’re doing with the weapon is delivering an application of damage. How much damage to apply is determined by the weapon. How much damage can be applied is determined by the DM. For instance, If you have a DM with a damage threshold of 100 and a rocket launcher that deal a damage amount that meets that criteria you can say goodbye to the DM. However, if you have a pistol that only applies a damage of 10 it will never damage the wall because the damage threshold is never met by the pistol. You can get around this by either applying more damage when the pistol hits the wall or in the DM setting you can use the flag for “Accumulate Damage.” What this will do is add up any damage that is applied to the chunks. If you take that pistol that only applied a damage of 10 for each hit then the setting for accumulate damage would mean that each chunk needs 10 shots from the pistol to break free.

One other setting that can transfer damage to surrounding chunks is Damage Spread. This setting will transfer some of the force of damage to surrounding chunks to break them free as well. This may not always been needed, so using a much lower value or disabling the parameter with a 0 can be ideal to get better results. By using a 0 and disabling it, this means that each chunks must meet the damage threshold to break free. This can be evident in the rocket launcher example. If you have a wall and you shoot the edge and it receives the full amount of damage it will transfer some of that damage to the surrounding chunks to break them free as well. This force, if enough will destroy the entire DM or maybe part of it. By disabling this there will be no transfer of damage to the other chunks.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to keep asking. :slight_smile:

Thank you. That makes perfect sense. The damage spread makes sense for softer surfaces that would most likely transfer damage, whereas harder ones would be more likely to hold integrity. Awesome, thank you . I will try this out.

Ok, now I’m trying to make it so that you can walk on the destructible mesh. A breakable floor piece.

It breaks fine, but depending on the settings, either there is no collision, or it flops around like crazy when I stand on it. Any ideas?