Gourmand, Food Descriptions: Evolved

Gourmand: Food Descriptions Evolved

This is my first mod, and it’s very simple. I’m elaborating on the item descriptions for raw ingredients of custom recipes.

I always found it very cumbersome to have to consult a third party to remember exactly what to combine to make things like Kibble or Fria Curry; or what exactly adding an Egg to a custom recipe would result in. So, I decided to start importing that data into the game, itself!

My biggest hurdles right now are getting this mod to play nicely with all the lovely stacking mods available, and dealing with the limited real-estate of the in-game item text box. I would love to incorporate Dye recipes in the descriptions of berries, or more immersive descriptions overall, but until I can figure out how to expand the info box, or move the Spoilage counter, there simply won’t be enough room.

I hope you find this mod useful; I’ll be keeping the Workshop updated with progress as I go!