Gothic Ruins

Here a few screenshots of my latest project. I used Substance Designer for the textures and Zbrush for the high poly models.

[video]Gothic Ruins UE4 Environment - YouTube

It look fantastic!!!

A nice flyby video with a organic music would be over the top :smiley:

Amazing job! :smiley:

I feel like going on an archaeological dig there!

Thank you for your feedback guys :smiley: @Stevelois A link to a video is in the first post.

Any chance we can get a breakdown of the Substance Designer setup/nodes and techniques used?
Amazing work! Really, really well done!

Very nice work, I love it! =)

Cool :smiley:

Made a post at my blog :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response! @Stevelois Wow! Thanks. Much appreciated! @Mireneye I am mixing real world images with procedurals. The techniques are nothing special just the ones they teach on the Allegorithmic Youtube channel.

Neat blog, some helpful info their. :smiley:

This looks pretty bad ***. Makes me think of Heretic :slight_smile: