Got your game released on steam?


Can someone tell me(or us, as others may have the same question) how it works after you get your game to pass the greenlight? Does it require some code to put into your project for steam? If yes, do they provide instuctions on how to do this? So someone who has made his game with blueprints, will he be able to make it through?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry, but can you clarify the question just a bit.

Are you asking as to how the process usual goes or just what happens when your game is greenlit?

In terms of your question regarding blueprints…then yes as long as people like the game.

~ Jason

after your game got greenlit, you need to add the steam sdk to your game, achievements minimum, also you need to create some trading cards, backgrounds, profile and emoticons images.

i think ue4 has steam integrate, you only need to add the functions to your game, this is only what i think, don’t know that for sure, because the game that i got on steam was made with unity.

when you send the achievements, and all the images (the ones that i told you before and the images for the store page of your games) you can go live selling your game.

You have been greenlighted and now your game is about to go live on sell to steam. So, what does steam asks you? Enzoravo said that you need to add sdk, ok so are there instructions on how to do this? Or they ask you to just make it and you come here on forums begging :smiley: ?

SDK implementation is pretty easy, as is their back end. Also once you’re greenlit you (at least you used to be) are assigned a person at Valve who can help answer any questions their documentation doesn’t cover. Since the whole mass greenlight thing I don’t know if they still do that, but they certainly used to.

You aren’t required to do any Steam specific integration, but most people that want their game to succeed do. You’ll probably spend the first day or two getting used to their backend interface and learning how to create a depot and get your builds uploaded and launching through the steam client. After that you can worry about the steam specific integration and how far you want to go with it.

Alright, so there is no coding for steam?

Hello, i was wondering if there is a limit in adding the achievements or trading cards? Looking forward to your reply!