Got TreeIt working

I found a way to get TreeIt to work with UE4, so I replaced all the foliage in our game, even found a way to get wind movement.

a pic with new foliage, just used all the default trees that came with TreeIt.


or to see how nice it looks download the game at:…ten4/downloads

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Hey, nothing fancy but thanks for the info, gg :wink:

Hi thanks is gg (good game)

If so, you played it, and “good game” coming from a veteran means alot THANKS

Just uploaded a new version, it seems in the last one I missed some of the nav mesh modifiers, while fixing that I had a power fail and it corrupted Level1A had to get it back from an old backup and redo all the new foliage, this time I put in alot more foliage, looks better now but like you say “nothing fancy”.

modified the AI a bit, so please download the new version a tell what you think now.



Care to explain how you managed to import the trees you make with Treeit ?
I made some trees of my own but the extension i get is “.tre” ,
so how i’m suposed to make idk a .fbx i guess so Ue4 can import it?
Can i just import in Maya first then export in FBX then import in ue4?
Could that work?


That was a long time ago, but yes if I remember correct that is exactly what I did open them in maya corrected the rotation and exported, then imported the textures and normals separate into UE.

Hope you win.

@GarthHere Hi, you found a way to get wind movement?

I have used Tree it but I can’t find a way to replicate the wind movement like Treeit in ue5. Any ideas how to set up the vertexcolor in the material with wpo to get the same realistic wind movement like Treeit?

In the latest version of Treeit. The vertex color only uses green and blue colors.

Sorry from the late reply but if I remember correctly I just use the basic wind function in the material.