Got The Built In Dialog Text Subtitles Working but I need it to work also for a data table.

**How do we get the Engine’s Built-It Subtitles System to Work also off reading text in from a Data Table?

I am using Ver 4.16.2**

I already got my Dialog Text displaying from a data table through the UMG widget text interface. That’s working. But I’m wondering if the Engine’s Text Subtitle System can use an array to randomize around the text subtitles. That’s all I want the engine to do for the text subtitles. I also can’t style my subtitle text or change the subtitle color, font, size unless there is a way to do it through the blueprints instead, as I don’t know. I can’t do it through the dialog wave asset. For there’s no options for styling the text.

Anyway the dialog datatable can be read only through the UMG text widget interface. it seems and sadly not through the built in text subtitle system as I see no option to allow data tables to be read into the built-in text subtitle system.

So the basic dialog system is now up and runnnig to display the text and also play the audio.

Now its time to get the Choices & Consequences system up and running for the dialog choices. That may be a bit harder to do… I’m not sure how to go about setting this up yet I know you probably need to use invisible mouse buttons, but i think the choices options text needs to be read in from a data table