Got some problems with this mesh and its rig.

I still got his issue. (his bone is popping out of his arm mesh during animation). Also the mesh is warped and mangled
and buckled in places on his shoulders and neck and wrist. Mesh Does not look natural.

Can someone tell me how I can fix this, or can beable to fix it for me?

I know about the Blender Rotation Bug that affects armatures in Blender for Unreal, but I am unsure if
his issue is being caused just by that, or by these other factors, so i need someone to check it out.

A) The way its been skinned. (maybe this particular model has not been skinned correctly)
B) The Rig itself. maybe have a missing bone.
C) A Re-Targeting Bones issue? (if one of the bones been targeted to the wrong bone.

His Bone Targeting Information.

If it is a bad bone target causing this mangling of his body, can someone point out the error and
tell me the correct bone to target.

He was originally a Blender model rigged up with a Basic rig for animation and also a Facial Rig. But there’s
no face rig bones in the retargeting that I can see of.

The lowerarm bone looks good. Just switch to skeleton in the retargetting options (below pelvis): New project released by MakeHuman team leader - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

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What are the base settings for the retarget? You only linked the advanced config. You probably don’t want to use the twist bones for the forearm/upper arm so change those to upper and lower arm in the base settings.

Here are his basic bone settings.

I see, so I should only target those twist bones only if my skeleton has got them. For I was trying to link up every bone
to my skeleton from the advanced rig. I thought that’s what you had to do.

But my skeleton has only got 3 bones in the arm, while the advanced UE4 Mannequin rig has got 4 bones because its got the twist bones in it
but my rig dosen’t have those twist bones.

There’s quite a few issues that I can see. I have now removed the twist bones from the advanced targeting, things are still not quite right with him yet, his Wrists are all stretched and looks like its dislocating from the right arm socket, there’s also stretching in the neck area, causing a big dent down in the top of his chest, the right wrist is stretched out of joint and
the right arm is crooked not set properly in place.

Also the shoulders are too square too high up and make him look like a hunchbank, definitely not a natural looking A-Pose.
To fix the shoulders requires both clavical bones to be pulled down into the center of the chest area but in doing so will pull also the
mesh skin down with it and warp the shoulders, so I can’t move those clavical bones as the mesh is attached to it as i don’t know how to undo the skinning on that bone and then reskin it after moving the bones. I don’t have that knowledge as I didn’t make this model.

As for the stretching and buckling of the mesh are weight paint issues causing this?.. Here’s what his weight paint looks like in Blender.
Hes all Dark Blue, so this might not be normal…

The Skeleton of my rig Its a T-Pose setup. Its not like the UE4 A-Pose Rig. I think that’s why the shoulders don’t look natural
because the position the clavicals are in is different on my rig compared to the Ue4 rig…

So how then can we rig Skeletons for four legged bests, or bugs? if Unreal only has a humanoid Rig ?

How did you set up the base pose for retargeting? The one you’ve got is a T pose so it won’t match with the mannequin by default. The mannequin has bent arms and hands so you would need to match that pose when retargeting. Or what you could do is to import the mannequinn rig using the UE4 tools addon for Blender and edit your mesh so it matches with the rig. This could be hard if you don’t know how to model/edit weights but will probably give you the best results since it will match perfectly with the mannequinn rig when you’re done.

For now you can try changing the base pose when retargeting and see if that makes it better.

For beast/bug rigs you can check out Infinity Blade: Adversaries in the launcher.

The Pose resets itself after saving the pose in the Skeleton Editor, that’s why its in the tpose but during the animation hes
in the a-pose.

But what I’m saying is that because his clavicals are not folded, he can’t get the natural a-pose shoulders, so he
gets round shoulders instead of sloped shoulders like with the Mannequin rig which has the clavicals folded.

So I’m not sure if he has to be reskinned all over again just to fold up his clavical bones before skinning, or he can move those bones around into position without moving the mesh. I will have to find out.

It might be more easier instead to just export out the UE4 rig to Blender. load the UE4 Mannequin rig up then make a a BVI motion file of the rig. Then load in the blender rig into that motion and it should reset it without having to spend ages tinkering around with moving bones into position because you dont’ want to set off that Armature rotation scaling bug which I think gets trigger when you try to move things around in object mode.