Got problem to export metahuman from Maya to UE4

If metahuman does not have strand hair when importing from bridge , then how to export metahuman from Maya to UE4 properly ?
I guess the essential node of metahuman system is " rl4Embedded_Gavin_rl " in Maya,Could anyone explain to me the mechanism of this node?Is this node a build in node in Maya?How does this dna file be generated?

Is there anybody can help me?please

Yeah I’m kinda wrestling with this myself. You could try exporting a MetaHuman directly from Bridge to Unreal and then just importing any animations you make in Maya. That way you’re not bothered by the Maya character’s lack of hair.

It seems to work ok if you’re working in Sequencer, you can actually export the facial rig’s control animation. But if you’re trying to export the skeleton animation, things are a bit different. I noticed the skeletal mesh for the face has a different bone structure than the one in Maya. So far I haven’t had any luck getting animation directly from the face joints in Maya over to Unreal.

Thank you for your replying,but i have something that can not be comprehanded for this, if you means the bone structure for the face in Maya is not the same as in UE4,does that mean the way you properly imported in UE4 by Sequencer is using cache?like abc file?

For Metahumans, you export a file form Bridge to Maya if you want to do some animation work in Maya. Export a file to Unreal as well from Bridge. Then, you will simply export the animation from Maya and apply it to the character in Unreal. You don’t export the character from Maya, just the animation.

Here is a video on that.

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