Got off on the wrong foot

Well fellow members of the forums I seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot, I have seemed to upset many of you and I do apologize. My intentions were not to come on and make myself sound better than anyone else so hopefully no offense was taken. I am not lying about who I say I am and for those that still don’t want to believe than that is okay. If I offended anyone I do apologize and will not be making posts like that again, what was intended as advice came off too harsh for most people so I apologize. Below I will be posting pictures of work that I have done that I have on this computer, if anyone wants to see more please pm me and I’ll give more personal private work. The level Design work was for an Old MMO that didn’t work out but some of my best work. The models were designed with 3DS max and were inspired by Harry Potter. The 3D Models are for sale if anyone is interested, I can format them to fit whatever way they are needed, just let me know.


Why do you keep saying that you are not lying about who you are when clearly you are.

15 years of experience when you are 20 years old, that is some bad-*** Guinness record right there.

Seriously move on… this is ridiculous. Like I said if you don’t believe me thats fine, but stop posting to be annoying cause your helping no one.

I have a hard time believing you when you make a second account to support your claims, although from that account you said you were a recent graduate which sounds more true.

Well I’m here to apologize and start anew, not to continue this argument. It needs to be dropped.

The 4th picture looks really cool! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

3rd and 4th images all I see is default CryEngine assets.
Also with so many years of experience and jobs like you said I wouldn’t be demo this kind of assets in public.

You can come clean now apologize to the people and we will all move on, Or people will tear you appart for obvious reasons, No offence just giving you a friendly advice. Take it or leave it i wont bother anyway.

Hi everyone,

I am closing all threads related to this situation. Have a great day.