Got a server and ideas, Need help to mod some vanilla items

I have a server and would like help from someone who can edit the vanilla items and just change up some stats for the most part. Depending on your modding experience we can make some really cool things.

Do you want it to be a TC mod or a stand alone mod?

If you want to modify vanilla items heavily I recommend a TC, this however will prevent other mods (I think) but will let you make all the changes you want without fear of another mod conflicting and say removing something or changing a stat without your permission.

Of course you could make your mod a standalone Red mod (has to be loaded first, might not stack well with other mods that require to alter vanilla items you change)

I don’t mind giving tips, or helping where I can (advice, direction) but I am currently working on my own Mod (some challenges) and helping Fred Wong with his mod as well. So I cannot offer physical/work help.

What about a mod that ads new items and disable the vanilla ones so it doesn’t need to be a TC or is that impossible/very hard to do?