Got a problem on possess to my players (multiplayer online game)

Hello, I got an issue running for a few days, and I can’t fix it. It was working properly before trying to implement a new inventory system, when I had to rework some replications things (like the pitch of my players, or the gun being replicated). But now, my client can’t get possess their mesh when I call the spawning function. I had this issue in the past, it went away after a few patch, but to avoid this I juste had to add a delay after spawning the actor, so my client had the time to spawn the mesh and not possessing a non-existent mesh. But now, when I do that it work properly for eveyone when they spawn connection after connection, but if I make everyone respawn it only work for the last client who connected. Can someone help me please?

No one can help me?

Please, I don’t know what’s wrong :frowning: