Got a doubt

Well I was wondering whether unreal engine can support visual c++ express. I do have heard about using visual studio with it but I wanted to know about visual c++ express. Please clear my doubt. :slight_smile:

It does, but since VS Community is free you should really use that instead - since for most intents and purposes it’s no different to Pro and still free(ish). I don’t think there’s a version of VS Express for 2015 anyway but I could be wrong.

Microsoft no longer creates “Express” versions of visual studio (they’re still available, though).

You have Visual Studio community edition. It is also available for free, with some gotchas.

The gotchas are:
You are not allowed to use it if you’re an enterprise (more than 250 people, more than 1mil annual revenue) for anything that is not an opensource project. If you’re a company, only 5 people are allowed to use community edition at the same time for developing anything that is not opensource. Unreal 4 is not opensource, by the way. You can use it for free as individual.

P.S. Honestly, I wish Unreal 4 added official Qt Creator support.

As the others here have already mentioned, the Community version of Visual Studio is free (for most people who would previously have been using Express), and is essentially the same as the Professional version. If you really do want to use the Express version, as NegInfinity mentioned, you can still find it on the Visual Studio website, but it takes a little bit of searching to find it. Just keep in mind that the only Express version that will work with the Engine is Express for Desktop.


It’s kinda semi-official: GitHub - fire/QtCreatorSourceCodeAccess. You do have to build UE from source. I figured it for a Linux thing: no Launcher = must build from source; so, why not add some custom toys while building.