Got 150 meters room, how to put 1 light that will light all ceiling?

It’s sort of maze, I want to put light on the ceiling that will light the whole maze.
I’ll have few more maps that will be even bigger and I wanted to know if there’s a way without putting one by one on 500 meter + mazes.

By using ‘unlit’ shader for your ceiling material? I haven’t try this myself tho’. You also can experiment with Post Processing Exposure to get the brightness that you wanted.

Quite didnt get that… help?

Add a postprocess to your character, or the world, place your player (flymode) into the pp and then play with the settings on the right, when pp is selected. Do not press play. Change mode to “Lit”-preview, then you could easy test out.
Try emissive material too.
Why only one light?
Why a ceiling, make walls high like heaven and then use sunlight to test.

Hi Adam,

Apparently I couldn’t attach image via PM, so here are the images.

This is the point light setting:
PointLightSettings by simfactor, on Flickr

This is the post processing setting:
PostProcessingSettings by simfactor, on Flickr

This is the result:
HighresScreenshot00006 by simfactor, on Flickr

(simfactor is my handle on Flickr by the way)

I was watching Transcendence (Johnny Depp) and this hallway is inspired by that movie. This hallway only use one point light to light up the ceiling, and as you can see in the picture, it’s possible but the shadow is unrealistic since point light has radius limit. Once you’re near to the radius end, your character will loose its shadow and the scene will start to go dark. You can push the radius as large as you want it, but it will hurt engine performance according to UE4 documentation. Post Process Auto Exposure is used to make the hallway bit brighter but there’s a limit as well. You might start seeing artifacts if you push Auto Exposure’s values too high.

Oh and this hallway is more than 150 meters long by the way.

What about a spot light with its atunation angle set extremely wide with short distance(forgot the word).