GoogleVR on iOS

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get my UE4 project to run properly with GoogleVR on my iPhone6S.
I did manage to get it up and running with the stereoscopic view and everything. Also the tilt movement is now working how I want it to.

The thing is, I have the GoogleVR Settings Icons and also the white line in my app now. And when I click on the back button, nothing happens.
And when I click on the settings button, my app crashes. You can see my app with the icons attached.
Is it possible to hide those icons and the line? Or is it possible to get it to work somehow?
Otherwise, I would not know how to set the IPD, is there a possibility in the app, e.g. with blueprints or console commands to set the IPD? stereo e=0.064 is not working with GoogleVR

Thank you all!
Greetings from Austria,

I’m trying to do the same thing with a splitscreen configuration at the moment. How did you get googlevr to work?