GoogleCloud VM (Debian or Ubuntu), + Mongo +Parse +VaRest ~MEAN

I begun testing Bitnami’s MEAN setup on GoogleCloud (60 days free/with credits), alternativelly via MLab free hosting (500mb), and custom setup of the different environments MEAN Cloud Hosting, MEAN Installer, Docker Container and VM
The good thing here seems to be scaling as needed, and a robust tested software ecosystem.

Has anyone experience and maybe some pointers about feasibility of such a setup? Basically what i need is encrypted login/authentication, and some requests from time to time, for pulling and storing item and user related data. As i understand Parse is for encrypted requests, Node.js handles JSON and Parse. Then storage of user and item data with Mongo, the communication via VaRest (JSON or Parse).

Questions i have include
Do i need PHP7, i read it is faster then previous versions, and someone mentioned i need PHP7, but for initial testing it doesn’t seem super important to me.
Do i need to use Google’s AppEngine for app deployments, because currently i need to use a US based managed server for this.

Finally i want to setup a GoogleCloud bucket and store the distribution, based on implementation of the required functionalities through this launcher [FREE] Launchpad - A free, open-source UE4-compatible game launcher - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums or maybe Custom Launcher for your game - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Currently in the process to setup VaRest with 4.11 and establishing a Mongo connection.

Php is a completely separate thing. You don’t need it if you’re using node. You just start your node server in some port and then route http traffic to it with some proxy (like nginx or something else, whatever works for you).
Re google app engine, no you don’t need to. You can use any of these providers: Bitnami: Packaged Applications for Any Platform - Cloud, Container, Virtual Machine

Thanks for the clarification Jonimake. I looked at Bitnami cloud but the free account works only with Amazon, not sure have to check this, their backend makes a good impression.

I think they are closing down Parse, which is a shame as it was a good piece of kit.

Take a look here at some alternatives, I found it useful for thinking about my options going forward.