Google VR Crash Reports on Android

Hi I have a lot of crash reports from my game which is published on google play, most of them has Android version 7.0 on. Here is what the crash reports say.

  native: pc 00000000038e5070  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (_ZN12FGoogleVRHMDD1Ev+180)
  native: pc 00000000038e51d4  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (_ZN12FGoogleVRHMDD0Ev+8)
  native: pc 000000000204c03c  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (_ZN7UEngine11ShutdownHMDEv+1720)
  native: pc 000000000204b95c  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (_ZN7UEngine7PreExitEv+380)
  native: pc 0000000001afad18  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (_ZN11UGameEngine7PreExitEv+44)
  native: pc 00000000015a20b0  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (_ZN11FEngineLoop4ExitEv+772)
  native: pc 000000000159ed18  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (_Z11AndroidMainP11android_app+3384)
  native: pc 00000000015a22ec  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/ (android_main+120)
  native: pc 00000000015b5f78  /data/app/com.YourCompany.VR_DuckHunt-1/lib/arm/
  native: pc 0000000000048677  /system/lib/ (_ZL15__pthread_startPv+22)
  native: pc 000000000001a411  /system/lib/ (__start_thread+6)

I build it with android SDK version 24 and NDK version 19. And set the minimum capable devices to 21 and the target to 24. It is also build with the arm 7.
I had this build in UE 4.14.3 and updated to UE 4.16.3 and still get crash reports.

Can someone please explain what it means. Thanks

I’m seeing exactly the same thing.
I am hoping it’s just some internal behind the scenes error that is not an actual hard crash of the app. Because no users have actually complained yet and I’ve not been able to reproduce it on my device. Another theory I had is maybe it’s due to a particular way a user quits the app?

But would be good to know for sure if it’s a problem or not and what is causing it!?

Same thing. Some issues affects only non-Daydream devices, for example. I have no idea how to publish my app now.