Google unreal marketplace

Just to point it out, if you type “unreal marketplace” in Google the first match is an add taking you to Unity assets store.

Don’t have that on my country results… This is only Ad service on keywords… but… Shame on you Unity.

Don’t read too much into that… Ads and web-search results are often unique per user / per device. Its likely some bot in an Ad-Auction somewhere decided to show you an Asset-Store Ad. Why? Who knows… Ad-tech is a closely guarded secret. But its often based on hundreds of factors you can experiment with, including Browser-Fingerprinting / Geo-IP / IP / Gmail-Youtube login / Cookies / 3rd-Party-Logged-In-Sessions / Google-Vault (past search history whether logged in or not) etc etc. For anyone else to try and replicate your results you’d have to specify all of that before drawing any conclusions (if any at all).

There’s something else to consider too. If Google is as retaliatory as employees and competitors claim, they might even demote Epic deliberately for roasting them over the Play Store 30% cut (Fortnite etc)… :stuck_out_tongue: Sound petty? It is, but Google’s anti-trust fines in Europe confirm this happens (Facebook is just as petty btw). So why not try a different search engine (privacy based if possible, but NOT Startpage / DuckDuckGo) with the same search, instead of feeding the data monster? You realize, if Google goes ahead with Dragonfly or something similar in China, and then decides to bring that China-2020-social-credit-score system back to the west, you’ll be right in the firing line. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see, but note it is an add from google. And neither of the words: “unreal” or “marketplace” are related to: “unity” “asset” “store”. But of course there is much more involved in the background :D.
I can confirm duckduckgo shows just the expected result :).

Working for a company that relies on internet search and marketing for much of its software sales, I can tell you that the ads that appear at the top of the search results are from companies bidding on specific search terms (such as ‘unreal marketplace’). This is referred to as ‘paid search’. ‘Organic search’ on the other hand, is where all the black magic of SEO comes in, and companies work tirelessly to try to get their results at the top of this section… These search results show up, however, after the paid search. So, tl;dr: Unity went and paid Google more money per click for that ‘unreal marketplace’ search term than Epic did. As a company that relies on internet search for its sales, sometimes you have to accept that and move on, since once you get into a bidding war for paid search terms, those ‘clicks’ can quickly become unprofitable.

I once found myself in a bidding war. Average click to sale conversion was $3. Bidding reached $10 the day after the war started. Just not worth it…