Google`s Tiltbrush Inspired Assets for UE4

***Google`s Tiltbrush Inspired Materials & Blueprints for UE4 4.13-4.14

In this Kit, you`ll find sets of Brushes, and Instructions to bring in your Tiltbrush Creations, or other peoples Tiltbrush Designs into UE4, for Display or usage in UE4.

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Project Documentation: TBA
Video: TBA
Demo Project: TBA
Showcase Project: Marvel Studio`s Doctor Strange Tiltbrush Experience in UE4
Freebie Materials: Located on Store Page
Git Access: Available

The Project:
We started this Project, as a way to help Artists and Other Designers to bring their Amazing Artwork to Game Engines such as “Unreal Engine 4”. It started out simple, we wanted the Materials in and slowly it grew into so much more. We have broken the Project into 10 Stages with a Hidden Stage at the End.

The Plan:
Over the Course of Development, we will Periodically Release Updates, Content, Plugins and Applications in order to Help the Development of Spatial Art Applications, and Assets.

The Goal:
To Create a Complete set of Tools, and Examples with Documentation to allow others to create their own Spatial Art Tools in their own Games, as well as Bring over Tiltbrush Designs, and Creations into Unreal Engine 4 Fast, and Effectively. Our End Result in this Project is to Open Source the Project, all Assets, Materials and Such under “Creative Commons Commercial Allowed No-Attrib.”.

The Assets:

Textures & Normal Maps are all Included for all Associated Materials that Require Them.

Animated Materials:

Base Materials:

Road Map

Stage 1

  • Materials {DONE}

  • Contains all Tiltbrush Inspired Base Brushes {DONE}

  • Contains all Tiltbrush Inspired Animated Brushes {DONE}

  • Documentation

  • How-to Use Materials (Applying & Changing) [Video Done]

  • How-to Create your own Base Brushes** [Video Done]**

  • Setting up Photoshop for Base Brush Creation [On Hold]

  • Simple Documentation on all Materials [Done]

  • Helpful Hints & Tips [In Development]

Stage 2

  • Tiltbrush Inspired Editor Plugin(Unreal Engine 4) [In Testing]

  • Material Selection on Import

  • Direct Import of *.Tilt Files into Unreal Engine 4

  • Extended Brush Materials

  • Additional Base Brushes

  • Additional Animated Brushes

  • Enviroment Materials

  • Tiltbrush Particle Support [In Testing]

  • How-to Create your own Particle Brushes

  • Setting up Photoshop for Particle Brush Creation

  • Simple Documentation on Particle Materials

  • Helpful Hints & Tips

  • Tiltbrush Inspired Brush Creation Tool(UE4 Application) [In Development]

  • Ability to Create your own Base Brushes, Animated Brushes & Particle Brushes

  • Simple Export into Unreal Engine 4

  • Picture, Gif, & Video Export Support

Stage 3

  • Extended Brushes

  • Extended Particles

  • Extended Animated

  • Extended Base

  • Mystic Styled Base Brushes, Particle Brushes & Animated Brushes

  • Elemental Styled Base Brushes, Particle Brushes & Animated Brushes

  • Tiltbrush Inspired Editor Plugin(Unreal Engine 4)[UPDATE]

  • Runtime Support for Importing *.Tilt Files

  • Runtime & Editor Support for Custom Filetype

  • Runtime Support for Exporting Custom Filetype

  • Tiltbrush Inspired Experience Hosting Site

  • Share *.Tilt Files with Friends

  • Allow others to Watch Stroke by Stroke as they would in Tiltbrush itself.

  • Apply Brushes or import your own, to make the creation look as if it did in Unreal Engine 4/Tiltbrush

Stage 4

  • Spline Based Runtime Modelling Plugin(Unreal Engine 4)

  • Simple VR Project, with Interface to Showcase Functionality.(INCLUDED)

  • Draw Spline Based Routes, in several Primitive type.

  • Sausage (Tapered, Pointed)

  • Cylinder(Hollow, Capped, Torus)

  • Ribbon(Single & Double Sided)

  • Bookmark (Arrow Invert, Arrow Out, Flat, Rounded)

  • Tape (Cut off Looking, Ripped)

  • Tongue (Fleshy, Slimey, Plant)

  • Plane (One-Sided, Double-Sided, Tapered, Pointed, Rounded, Flat)

Virtual Art Gallery(UE4 Application)[VR & Non-VR]

  • Import *.Tilt Files or Custom Filetypes into Areas, to showcase Artwork. *With Ability to include Custom Brushes & Materials
  • Full Control of how the Art is Displayed
  • Networked Gallery Option: Allowing You to bring people into a Live Gallery, or Host your own.
  • VR & Non-VR Controls, with Gallery Permissions & Ticket Purchasing System.


Stage 5

  • Full Networked Art Project (Unreal Engine Project Template)

  • Full Documentation

  • Server Builds & Source for Windows & Linux(CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Freebsd)

  • Video Walkthrough on How-to’s (Client & Server)

  • Project Source (Windows Only) [Do not Own a Mac to Build for Mac]

  • Tiltbrush Inspired Editor Plugin(Unreal Engine 4)[UPDATE]

  • Allow Importing of Enhanced Custom Packaging Types

  • Enhanced Packaging System to Include Materials

  • Export Method for Custom Packaging Types with All Associated Brushes

  • Spline Based Runtime Modelling Plugin(Unreal Engine 4)[UPDATE]

  • Export Method to (FBX, DAE, OBJ, JSON)

  • Runtime Support for Export Method

  • Enhanced Packaging Export Method

  • Virtual Art Gallery[UPDATE]

  • Merging Brush Creation Tool

  • Intergration of Tiltbrush Inspired Experience Hosting Site

  • Twitch Livestream Enabled Gallery & Brush Creation

  • Intergration of SBRM Plugin

  • Create your own Artwork inside of the Gallery

  • Tiltbrush Inspired Experience Hosting Site[UPDATE]

  • Full Intergration with Enhanced Packaging Method

  • Custom Packaging Method

  • Change your Design Brushes on the Fly or upload your own

  • Generate a Virtual Gallery Link or Link your Art too a Virtual Gallery

  • Register your Custom Packaging Type & Application!

Stage 6 ~ HIDDEN until Stage 5 is Reached
Stage 7 ~ HIDDEN until Stage 6 is Reached
Stage 8 ~ HIDDEN until Stage 7 is Reached
Stage 9 ~ HIDDEN until Stage 8 is Reached
Stage 10 ~ HIDDEN until Stage 9 is Reached
Stage 0 ~ HIDDEN until Stage 10 is Reached

Look forward to your plug-in. I great need this ~~ expect !

:smiley: I’m studying a network visual art museum project like what you mentioned in stage 5, and search some plug-in and assets for it.

Updated Information on the Forum Post. Will be releasing the Plugin for UE4 to import *.tilt files, as well as bring in particle effects <3 And everything else. It will be on over the next few Months!

We bought this but there are no instructions at all and it doesn’t work with UE4.17 or higher. How do we bring our .tilt files or FBX exports into UE4?

I’ve been hoping to use this to (for starters) import models made in tilt brush with as little hastle as possible. I’m finding myself needed to reapply the materials to each mesh that I import, which because of the way tilt brush works could be a fair many depending on how many brushes you use. Is there a way to automate this by any chance?