Google Resonance: can't find 'Attenuation Plugin Settings' (3D Audio plugin)

Can’t find Attenuation Plugin Settings after installing resonance audio plugin (binaural playback)?

Hi guys

So I’ve installed the new resonance audio plugin for UE4.19.0, and I’m unable to complete all the steps outlined in this link below:
I’m unable to find the following ‘Attenuation Plugin Settings’ tab, in order to create a new ResonanceAudioSpatialisationSettings uasset.


So I’ve followed all the steps stated in the above web page, up to the “Create new spatialization plugin settings” stage.

This is what I see instead when I go to the details panel of my audio component:


I’ve installed the resonance plugin and set my editor preferences so that it links to their Resonance Spatialisation settings for windows, I built the Engine from source, restarting the engine, I’ve even tried switching my computer off and on again…?



You guys got any suggestions?


Is the audio mixer enabled on your project? Those details are hidden if not using the audio mixer.

Hey,I meet the same problem.What do you mean?Could you pls capture some setting pics?

Hey yeah, this is kind of embarrassing… but it was purely down to me accessing the wrong UE4 build from GitHub…

So what I learnt is double check everything: If you do follow everything correctly this should work. And yh the audio mixer was enabled the second time I did the project (with the correct build) and everything worked.

Hope this helps!

you just save my life dude