Google Plus will shut down but Unreal still uses its API


Google+ will be a history soon. According to their site Google+ API Shutdown  |  Google+ Platform  |  Google Developers their API will be shutted down on March 7, 2019. OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay still uses this API to perform login ( “” ).

Just wanted to rise an alert about that. I think this should be checked (and fixed) as soon as possible.


FYI: You’re more likely to draw attention to it via the bug reporting system:

It seems there is a fix for that and will probably be in 4.21.2 :smiley:

Thanks Epic!

Fix has been integrated in 4.21.2: 4.21.2 Hotfix Released - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

I use leaderboards in app purchases and ad mob. If I delete google on line sub system in ini then leader board wont show. Log in works but show leader board dosent. Also I removed Google + API from google API’s and I don’t see any changes. Does any one know what needs to be taken out and what to replace it with in UE4? Thanks.

What will be with my content at Google+? Also I have got such messages on my accounts… Not good news

Ultimate Mobile Kit uses the newest Firebase Authentication implementation so is not affected by Google+ shutdown

Recently, Google sent out e-mails to users about planned Google+ shutdown. Ultimate Mobile Kit uses the next generation Firebase Authentication solution and this is not affected by Google+ shutdown. If someone uses Google+ Authentication, Google recommends switch to Firebase Authentication so using Ultimate Mobile Kit is the newest possible solution for Authentication :slight_smile:

**More information here: **Ultimate Mobile Kit for iOS & Android - Firebase - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Sheesh. The info is about 3.5 kilometers long. Sorry 3.4 kilometers long. Huston we have problem right of the bat. Any other better solutions out there?>