Google Play Store <supports-gl-texture> problem

My app download size in 2017-2020: 53MB
My app download size using the AppBundle in 2021: 73MB

To be clear, I’ve always created 6 different APKs for all texture compressions for each architecture (arm7, arm64, …) so I ended up with a lot of different .apks . I thought the Android App Bundle was made for this to just package all the stuff into a single upload, but I can’t figure out how to config it right. It seems the (multi)-version of the .aab file will not create splits on the texture compressions (<supports-gl-texture>) which are actually a HUGE part of the download size.

and ETC1, PVRTC and ATC texture compression is not supported anymore???

After the recent update my app supports only ~half of the devices and the download size has increased by 50%.

Please help me fixxing this problem. Can I somehow package the .aabs for a single texture compression and then just combine all the .aabs?
Can I export it as regular .apks and create an appbundle with Android Studio, that will actually filter by texture compression?

Why are ETC1, ATC and PVRTC not supported anymore? Are they just deprecated?

Thank you :slight_smile: