'Google play store' obb inside apk?

Hey everyone,

I’m running into a problem with the Google Play Store.

If I set my app on the google app store (as test) with ‘Game data inside apk’ false my testers get the well-known screen (No obb found …). If you take the same files and put it manually on my testers phone’s everything is working perfect.

If I set my app on the store with ‘Game data inside apk’ true it will not work properly, not only if you download it on the google play store but also if you manually put the apk on your phone. (same result)

My question:

What is better, ‘Game data inside apk’ true or fals. (the size of the apk does not matter in this case)

if false is the answer: how to solve the ‘not work properly’ problem?

If true is the answer: how do you add your obb file in de google play store?

I really hope that someone can help me.

Hi you can uploade the obb file at the same upload window where you upload the apk file.

I usually pak it inside the apk. Also make sure you have disable verify obb on first startup/update enabled (project settings)

Thx, I figure out what the problem was.
What lkav said is true but there was anather thing.
The reason why my app didn’t work was becaus I used ‘Execute Console Commands’.
Ofc that don’t work anymore in shipping build.

Does ‘open level’ work in shipping build?

Do you guys upload as an app bundle?