Google play services leaderboards not working.


I’ve been trying to use google play services leaderboards in my game. When I use the “show platform specific leaderboard screen” node in blueprints nothing happens. I have set up the leaderboard map in settings and filled out the ids etc.
I have downloaded tappy chicken from the play store and it doesn’t seem to be working there either. When I press the leaderboard or achievements buttons nothing happens. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just on my device?


Hi again. This was just me being a noob. I was just using the launch button in the UE editor to run the game on my phone and then it won’t work. I think it is because it isn’t signed then?
Don’t know why tappychicken wasn’t working, but it started working again now after I reinstalled it :slight_smile:

Thanks. Feel free to delete post if you want to.