Google Play Services causes Android application to crash on load

When creating my application, I have been attempting to implement Google Play Services into my game so that I can get a working leaderboard system, along with Admob Ads.

I have followed all the UE4/5 documentation regarding this setup, and have set up the following in the project settings

Extra Permissions:

  • android.permission.INTERNET

Google Play Services:

  • Enable Google Play Support
  • Games App ID
  • Google Play Licence Key
  • Leaderboard Map

For Admob Ads, I am using a plugin that is separate from the default Google Play Services so that I can also integrate iOS into the equation.

As for the leaderboard system, I have already got this working successfully on iOS and will bring up the Game Centre Leaderboards without issue. Android, however, will crash on load after toggling "Enable Google Play Support.

This also appears to be occurring with the Plugin I’m using for Admob Ads as it requires Google Play Services.

Java Gradle:

  • D:\Unreal Engine\UE_5.1\Engine\Build\Android\Java\arr-imports.txt

Gradle files appear to be out of date but no idea on how to update these if they are the cause

Any help at all would be appreciated as I am completely stumped on why this isn’t working for me.

Do you find a solution?

Same here. UE5.1. I spent a week looking for a solution. Nothing yet.

Do you have any plugins from the marketplace in the project? If so, can you provide their names? I myself had a similar problem through a plugin for ads called “AdsPro”.

I do use an Ads Plugin I think I might use the same one you do so if you have any idea on how to get it to work I’d love to know. I only have working ads on iOS

Hey you can try to set in Engine\Build\Android\Java\aar-imports.txt,play-services-auth,18.1.0,play-services-nearby,18.1.0,play-services-games,18.0.1,play-services-plus,17.0.0
And also, if you have an ads plugin, please check in plugin directory the ‘_UPL.xml’ file for the same dependencies.

I’ve found you only need to change it on the Ads UPL file. Just tested with Easy Ads and had a crash before but not after only changing the easy ads _UPL.xml file