Google Play Payment using Unreal Engine 4

Hello Guys
I used to be a UDK Programmer who recently decided to build up games for Android and IOS and publish them in Google play and app store, there are few things that I have to share with you and then ask my questions.
As I’m new to UE4 or Unity5 I do not know which of them is suitable for me(a single developer), the games which I’m developing are based on mathematics and logical games which are simple to develop and hard to play, not with high graphics and high resolution.
It’s been a year since I left UDK programming and left the gaming atmosphere, but then I wanna start over and publish my apps in google play and app store, so I need an Engine for both IOS and Android Platforms, As I searched it seems that udk is not supporting Android very well so I have to switch on UE4 of Uniy5.

1.I have free version of UE4 and Unit5 and not paid for them at all, do not know if this issue will make trouble in my process or not. please let me know if there are any problems with this issue.

2.I’m expert in C# programming as well I know a bit of C++ coding, I do not know which engine (UE4 or Unity 5) works better for me regarding that UE is somehow similar to udk (I know UDK very much ) and I know C# programming which is used in unity5.

3.If I choose UE4 I know that I have to share some percent of benefits with UE company, but I do not know how the process will be like ? I mean I give my bank account to google play or app store but do not know how I should pay amount of benefit to UE company ???

4.Should I share money with unity company too ??


What was important for me when deciding on a game engine was this little math:

Unity: $1500 + Android: $1500 + iOS: $1500 = Total: $4500 to buy Unity if you want to build for Android and iOS.

  1. If you know general programming, using Blueprints should be easy. And you can use C++ wherever you like. You can use it as little or as much as you want to.

  2. There is a description somewhere on the site about the process and it’s pretty straight forward.

  3. No.

Each quarter you have to pay 5% revenue to Epic, excluding the first 3000$ each quarter.

Thank you all.