Google Play Multiplayer


has anyone managed to get google play multiplayer working, any info about how to do it?

ive looked through the ue4 docs and it doesnt mention it.


we are working on plugin covering this functionality but we don’t have any release date yet :slight_smile:

thanks [USER=“18952”]gameDNA studio[/USER]
how far off do you think you are, any chance of a beta, maybe i can help?

im at that point where im about to start a new project and weighing up which engine to go for, this would seal it for ue4

I am developing an Android game which uses Google Play Games Realtime Multiplayer.

I would like to determine which device is the creator/initiator of the match, so that both devices would know which device is doing all the calculations, message sending, etc.

I haven’t found any documentation on this - only ways to get the creator participant id, not actually compare it to the id of the user’s phone.

So essentially, I need to find a way to get the participant id of the user the code is executing on; I can handle the comparing the values from there.