Google Play: managing target texture compression

Hi, I have build my first mobile game. I have a beta version in playstore, and everything works fine. To reduce the app size i want to take this step:

My goal now is to create 6 apks for every texture compression instead of create a big apk with all texture formats supported. Packaging is not the problem, but how can i later use google play to upload all 6 apks in a single app release? Is there a possibility?
Of course i could create like 6 different apps on google play, like “GameTitle etc1”, “GameTitle etc2”, “GameTitle astc”, but this is not elegant and just crazy.

I saved 60mb already by removing etc1 tex. format, but now there are less devices supported by the game. How can i provide every device with it’s favourite texture compression?

What you need to do is change the Store Version in Android project settings between packaging each APK. You’ll want to give each texture format a different version
ETC1 = 1
ETC2 = 2
ASTC = 3

So “version 1.0.0” will be 1 for ETC, 2 for ETC2, 3 ASTC, etc. When you put up an update, increment over your last (ie. for 1.0.1 you might have 4 for ETC, 5 for ETC2, 6 for ASTC).
See more details here: