Google Play: Make it work and recognize leaderboards and achievements

My app is running without problem, and it seems to connect to google play - it asks to login and shows google play logo with logo from api console, but functions like “read leaderboard integer” or “show platform specific achievements screen” always fail.
Game services on Play developer console are published and properly set-up. My mail is also added to testing section. I don’t know if this would help in any way but I’m using my app in shipping mode.
Now when I deployed game on iOS these buttons function but since I haven’t configured iOS leaderboards and etc. I cannot verify them working.

Feel free to comment and thanks in advance

what exactly is going on. you say it always fails but is it crashing the game or is it just not doing anything?
in ue4 you have to go to the project settings->Android and then add all your achievements and leader boards to the achievement/Leaderboard maps. In the google play developer console, you go to Game services, which you seem to have working, and add your achievements and leader boards there to get the ids. For my Android game Lux Protocol, we had problems getting achievements to work because we had poor naming conventions with the names that kept them from working.

Edit: also it might not do anything if you don’t have a signed/zip aligned apk.

Hope this helps, If you have anything else to add or ask I can try to help. I spent a long time trying to figure this stuff out lol

Creating new project, copying Content folder and reconfiguring project solved issue. Also packaging first and using .bat file to install apk is way to go if you want to test online services. Using Launch option cooks apk without signing. Problem is solved even if I don’t know where error was in the first place ;).