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Hello all,

can someone please tell me, how to make my game to be able to login into users Google play account? I havent found any answer here in forum. Or can I ask someone, who understands the problematic, to make a tutorial or something? Thank you a lot for your help

Hi, this is good starting point:…with-blueprint

Also another essential step is the following addition to

if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Android)

Also, if someone comes looking for this, I have made a plugin for getting the user’s unique id, nickname and auth token through blueprints (and c++ of course). This is only valid for google play logins.

Hello, is it possible to save file to firebase cloud with your plugin? I meant Enabling Google Snapshots.

Thank you

sorry, it’s a very basic plugin, it is for those people who cannot code or don’t want to go through the unreal API’s, using this they can get these parameters in blueprints directly.

For firebase related tasks, sadly there doesn’t seem to exist any free plugin except for authentication only. I would recommend that you use VaRest plugin to make REST requests directly through web api.
A complete tutorial

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