Google Play login problems, which may or may not have resolved itself

So I’ve encountered a very strange issue related to logging in to Google Play. I have 3 similar apps, all setup in the same way to sign in automatically at the start of the game, and to submit to the appropriate leaderboard when the user gets gameover. I’ll try to be as detailed as possible, so please bear with me:

  1. All 3 apps were functioning fine during testing on the Play store (internal/alpha/beta). Testers could sign in and submit scores.

  2. As soon as the apps were released to production, the problems started. People who had previously tested and were already logged in (or had a high score already) could still submit scores. But for other users, the login step began to fail (the login UI would appear, but the login itself would fail).

  3. For app 1, it seemed like a *few *people could sign in and submit scores initially, but then this stopped suddenly.

  4. I had another test Google account which I signed into my device with, and confirmed that I could not sign into the app with that account. On checking Logcat, I saw this error:

11-01 16:20:47.547: E/Volley(2140): [208] BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code 401 for
11-01 16:20:47.567: E/PlayerAgent(2140): Unable to load player a_5592203491803754440
11-01 16:20:47.567: W/PlayerAgent(2140): {"errors":{"domain":"global","reason":"InvalidCredentials","message":"Request was missing required scope(s): https:\/\/\/auth\/plus.login https:\/\/\/auth\/games"}],"code":401}
11-01 16:20:47.587: I/SignInActivity(11698): Transition from 8 to 11
11-01 16:20:47.587: W/SignInActivity(11698): onSignInFailed()...
11-01 16:20:47.587: W/SignInActivity(11698): Sign in failed during 8
11-01 16:20:47.587: W/SignInActivity(11698): ==> Returning non-OK result: 10002

  1. All of the above occurred a few days ago. Today I received a notification to my test Google account:

Lo and behold, it’s my apps that are listed in the email.

  1. I decided to test the games again and to my surprise, they now appear to be working. I’m still checking with other people but so far others have confirmed it to be working.

So while I’m happy that things seem to be ok, I’m a little reluctant to promote the apps in case there is still an issue here. I thought the Logcat error might be because I haven’t included the android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS permission, but on further research it seems like this is no longer required? Is there some security step that I’ve perhaps missed, or does Google have some kind of security procedure that takes a few days which I’m not aware of? If anyone has any experience with this, I’d greatly appreciate some advice!