Google play logging in

Hello all i have followed this tutorial to a the last letter and i can not get my google play service to run. Integrate Google Play Services with Blueprint - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Now im not sure of this i get a google log in window it thinks for a second than disapears i have no idea if this means i have logged in or not im asuming it means i have because i get no error back.
When i click on my leader board button i get nothing now i have confined that the name is spelt correctly and the code is correct as well. I have called to write to the leader board on completion of a level it appears to do that because i also saved a local copy but when i check the leader boards nothing happens and when i check the borderlands in google play games nothing happens can someone help me please it is driving me nuts cheers :mad:

Hey Deftones4!

Can you provide us your code and error logs (if there’s any)?