Google Play leaving out apk library files. UE4


I am making an android game with Unreal 4.26 and Wwise 2021.1.1.7. The game using a lot of Wwise effects and things like Synth One. Those Wwise effects and all things necessary for my music based gameplay are packaged in a lib folder inside the apk, however, after downloading my game from the google play store that folder is missing. I know it packaged correctly because manual transfer of the apk yields a functional app.

In the attached screenshot you will see the apk on the left contains a library folder (highlighted). This apk was retrieved from the google console directly by downloading the apk. The apk on the right does not contain this necessary library folder and it was obtained from my phone after downloading my app from the google play app store. I have tested this with multiple builds to see if this was a one time issue and this discrepancy has been replicated every time.

Is there some sort of dependancy I need to add to some build folder?
I feel like I have tried every packaging option out there.
Even google play said they could not help me.

Thank you for any advice you may have!

We have exactly same problem here. Have you fix this issue afterward?