Google Play IAP asyncQueryPurchases Not working

Above is a link to a pull request explaining the issue.
QueryPurchases from google store is deprecated
of course this means that everything is busted now for iap
4.27 does have an update to mark the code as deprecated but nothing to actually implement the new api async call.

Interface marked deprecated in 4.27 here

Our IAP item is non-consumable.
Just tested IAP with 4 debug buttons. I tested “process new unprocessed purchasesv2”, “restore purchasesv2”, “query owned purchases” and “read in app purchasesv2”.

both restore and query always return “success” with no receipts. query also returns “failure” with no receipts.

read IAP information returns successfully with all the information about the entry that is put in the product identifier array.

reprocess unprocessed purchases returns 2 times “successful” after a transaction has been made and then the receipts double every time the button gets clicked. this breaks the “you already purchased this item” dialogue from googleplay though and you can buy the item again.
We applied this fix to not be able to purchase the item multiple times, so the googleplay API gets an acknowledgement about the purchase: